About Us

We are a leading property management company that specializes in Short Term and Long Stay rentals across South and Central Delhi. Led by a team combining 20 years of real estate leasing experience, we use this website to market our inventory of serviced apartments that are available for rentals by Corporate Travellers, Vacation Rentals Holiday Homes and Medical Tourists to Delhi.

Are you a property owner having a vacant residential property?

If yes, then you can expect handsome returns by associating with us!

For property owners in South Delhi & Central Delhi, we can help you turn your property into a lucrative serviced apartment. Please contact us for an attractive proposal of our property management services where you can safely place your property into the hands of our apartment experts.

Below are some of the ways in which you can partner with us –

* You can lease the property on a fixed rent basis and earn high rental returns.
* A franchise can be signed wherein we will be setting the property for you and train your staff or manage it personally.
* We will manage and market the property for you to our client portfolio and through our network partners, thereby generating high revenue for yourself.

If you would like to meet or discuss it further, please contact us today.

What are Serviced Apartments?

Serviced apartments are essentially regular apartments offering the convenience of a hotel but the comfort, space and privacy of your own home. Unlike a hotel where you may find yourself forced into tolerating life in one room, the constant movements of transiting guests, arriving and departing all hours and the often impersonal service provided by an ever changing staff, serviced apartments provide a truly different experience, much more conducive to working and living away from home for extended periods of time.

With separate bedrooms, furnished living dining areas and fully equipped kitchens, our guests benefit from the much increased size and added space serviced apartments provide.

Eating out becomes an option rather than a necessity. And when you have friends, family or colleagues you wish to spend time with, your apartment becomes a suitable base from which to work and entertain, without inconvenience or intrusion on your privacy.

There are a lot of people that assume serviced apartments are expensive and only suited for business travellers on hefty corporate budgets. In reality, serviced apartments can cater to different type of travellers, even to those who are travelling on a limited budget.

If you are still not sure if Serviced Apartments are the right choice for you, here are some questions that will help – Does your business require you to stay for more than a month in the same place? Do hotel services fail to satisfy your needs? Do you get fed up with fighting through crowds of half-cut tourists to speak to the concierge? Are your hotel bills getting more and more expensive with every stay? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are probably suffering from hotel burn-out. It’s time for you to start thinking about alternative accommodation that better suits your needs and makes travelling on business a more pleasurable experience. A serviced apartment could be just the solution to your travel woes!

To know more about Serviced Apartments in Delhi and our Services, please do Contact Us sometime. A simple phone call or email will put you in touch with our experienced team who will provide all the options and cost effective solutions to meet your needs and remove all hassles associated with finding serviced apartments in Delhi.

Why Stay With Us?

Here are some of the reasons for staying at our apartments –

* Flexible Apartments for all types of guests, both individual and groups.

* Plan your stay as per your convenience.

* Stylized designing & layouts of the entire apartment.

* Amenities that would add style to your everyday life.

* In-house cooking, catering & housekeeping facilities adding to your comfort.

* Spacious apartments with flexible stay options.

* Complete privacy to enjoy away from the madding crowd.

* Lush green surroundings.

* Private Garden on Ground Floor & Terrace (Not available with all apartments)

* Well-groomed staff to serve you on all your needs round the clock.

* Comfortable distance from strategic points in the city.